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Is an eCollect initiative that is not about debt collection.

We suspect that many organizations with large membership bases, such as video stores or sporting clubs, do not have the time to market to their most precious resource- their own members. These members who have been hard won and looked after in the past, have stopping being active (lapsed members) for some reason. Perhaps they’re run up a small debt (under $20) so are not caught in the net that is cast by eCollect debt reports. Perhaps they simply need a nudge to come back and see all the new things your business is offering.

Customer Reconnect will design a letter to your specifications- a promotional voucher you can include on your individual business letterhead then send on your behalf. All contact is back to the client and you can use this opportunity to reconnect with your member.
Fees are charged at $0.85(ex gst) per letter for 0-1000 and 75 cents per letter for higher volumes.
eCollect is billed directly if you are an ecollect customer and the money is taken out of your debt ledger. Ie this way it doesn’t affect your cash flow.
* Also included in the price is a free 'wash' of your data through our Postman software. This software notifies us of any address that is not valid and improves your hit rate. **

Please call Andrew on 03 8611 2670 or 1300 666 585 then prompts -1-670
Or email
Remember your membership base is your biggest asset! Don't let them slip away!

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