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09-01-2014Why delay any longer what you probably already know you need for your business.
 Like all of us this time of year, you are in the process of reviewing and setting goals for 2014 and thinking about what you can do different this year to make a greater profit.

The single most important piece of advice I will give to business
big and small in relation to improving profits for 2014,  is to look at the way you make everyday contracts with your clients.

When businesses have no or poor contracts in place they inevitably end up:

    Dealing with disputes,
    Accepting lesser amounts in satisfaction of an Invoice, or
    Not getting paid at all.

I see it all the time. Not making effective business terms of trade directly costs you money and often the cost is great, and one you can't afford.

If you experienced any of the above in past years,  I strongly recommend you implement Trading Terms and conditions for your business.

eCollect will tailor contracts and package legal documents designed to help you make effective everyday business contracts,  incorporating your unique Terms & Conditions of Trade.

Peter Zambi
General Manager - Corporate
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